The moms were trying to have a rest in the greenhouse the other day after a long morning of munching, but the lambs must have gotten their second wind!  When I went in to check on everyone, I found Mae in the corner with her babies and a cast of others, all climbing up and then jumping off.  If it’s snowing and the big rock isn’t available, I guess mom will have to do!maes_bunch.jpg

Waiting Game

I really expected to get outside this morning and find that Norma had dropped her lambs.. not!  She is big as a house and has that look in her eye.  She certainly had a good appetite, as you can see her on the left at the feeder.  Our black ewe Raven is also due any minute now, and Maggie isn’t far behind!  Maybe they will do us the favor and wait for the weekend?  3aredue1.jpg

Late start

Mae’s ewe and ram lambThis morning we had a tiny snowfall, and since I had a delayed opening at school I had some time to take some pictures.  A few of the lambs had already finished their early morning romp and gone into the greenhouse for a nap, looking very cute!  (Mae’s twins).

Welcome to the Ruit Farm Web Journal

Spring is here and lambing is coming along… we have 5 lambs so far and seven more ewes to go!  The lambs are enjoying their freedom as the days are getting longer and (maybe?) a little warmer!  The header above is a picture I took about a month ago at dawn of the top of the winter paddock area.  The snow is melting now, but the temperatures don’t seem to be cooperating yet.  Soon we won’t be complaining about the snow, we’ll be crying about “mud season!”