Smiling Pete

Around this time of year I really start spending a lot of time in the paddocks with the goats and the sheep.  It’s fun to watch the antics of the lambs while their mothers get down to the serious business of eating.  Everyone is jockeying for position at the feeders to make sure that no one gets better stuff than they have.

This afternoon I just happened to glance over at the goats (along with Zorro the llama) and I saw Pete the Goat looking for all the world like he had a big grin on his face.  Now that we are talking about selling him, all of his endearing qualities seem to be shining through.  It’s always the way!  (That’s Pete on top of the feeder, with Salsa looking back at us and Elf to her right).

More lambs :*)

Maggie’s ewe lambWell, we have most of the lambs on the ground now.  The weekend was quite eventful, with both Raven and Maggie having single lambs.  Both were large; Maggie has a beautiful white ewe (with beige ear tips!) and Raven has a black ram.  Both have joined the outside group and are enjoying the slightly warmer weather.

Norma finally had her lambs on Monday night.  They presented a little problem… having such long legs they were  a bit tangled, but they hit the ground running.  Two black ewes… one with upright, Border Leicester ears, and the other with the sideways Coopworth ears!  Their father is our newest ram, a black Border Leicester named Zach, who hails from Wit’s End Farm in Virginia.

To add to the week, spring may actually be on the horizon.  Our twice weekly storms are turning more to rain than snow, finally!  Most of the snow in the paddocks and on the ground is disappearing, the robins are hopping around and the bald eagles are soaring over the beaver pond again.  Yay!