New babies :*)

It’s been awhile since I posted.  It’s been a busy month.  We had a brief hiatus after the first round of lambing and now we are once again getting into it.  Friday afternoon our Kate had her first lamb.  He’s a beautiful big boy.  I came out to do chores about 4:30 and as all the ewes and babies ran to the feeder I began my bag check (checking all their udders for any problems) and noticed I was one short!  Kate was over behind the lower greenhouse with her boy standing beside her.  He was already fed and on his way to being pretty dry.  Luckily the day was a gorgeous one and it wasn’t breezy.  We got them into a jug in the upper greenhouse and settled.  Kate is a bit skittish around people so we tried to give her a bit of space and time to bond with her boy.  They are doing very well and the little guy was already hopping around the jug showing off yesterday afternoon when visitors came calling.

Yesterday John was out in the paddock cleaning up (scooping the poop and straw) when he thought he heard kittens… only to find that our yearling doe, Elf, had had twins in a corner of the greenhouse:  a doeling and a buckling.  They were up and letting their mother know they wanted a meal right away.  They are extremely cute and tiny compared to our lambs.  Very sweet.  I think Elf is still not too sure what just happened, but they all seem o.k.  2 more goats and 2 more sheep to go!