Babies Galore!

Since my last post we have seen the rest of our ewes and does give birth to all their gorgeous babies.  We are very pleased with our goats: Sock Monkey had a huge buck, and Salsa had twin does, both 8+ pounders!  The first time ewe moms all had single lambs, 2 rams and one ewe, all white.  They are hopping around the paddock keeping all the older lambs on their toes.

Salsa\'s doelingsWork has been busy and mentally consuming, and to top it off I had a hard drive calamity, so I am still trying to find most of my saved bits of information.  I lost a few pictures, but most things are safe on my backup drive… I just have to dig them out and re-organize them, which probably won’t happen until after the school year is over!

I am also trying to get ready for the Maine Fiber Frolic which is this coming weekend.   It is a wonderful fiber show that is organized by the Maine Llama association, held on the Windsor Fair Grounds.  Lots of vendors (I’ll be there with our farm products!) and great things to see.  I will be sharing a booth with Jody McKenzie, Botanical Shades.  Come and say hello!