Still Waiting

Elf is still holding out on us! The weekend was such a beautiful one, and our friend C.R. came regularly to help us check on the doe and do chores. Elf has all the signs of impending birthing, but she’s not quite ready yet!

Where are those babies??
Where are those babies??

While the afternoon was still pretty warm yesterday, we set up our chairs in the greenhouse to spend some time with the sheep and Elf. It gave the ewes a chance to investigate us as well as to let us get a more relaxed and up-close look at them. Some of them are due in the next few weeks and are really beginning to show their bags and bellies! They had already done the bulk of their eating for the day and were searching for places to take some naps and cud. I love the way Lupine stands, apparently asleep on her feet, slowly chewing, eyes closed, looking like she may be doing ewe-yoga! It’s an amazing process, and she does it with such feminine grace :* ) She is the only one of our sheep that my husband can identify accurately… oh yes, she’s the one that sleeps standing up, cudding!

On the other side of the partition the rest of the goats were having their siestas, and C.R. and I kept cracking up listening to all the snores and grunts coming from behind us. Salsa, who is great with kids, was doing little whistles and squeaks, while her yearling doe girls rested their heads on her. In the other corner was Elvis the buck, laid out in the best area for sun exposure, snoring up a storm and pursing his soft lips together every so often to make a few bubbles. It was such a peaceful time that I think I had some trouble keeping my eyes open, but Elf kept hitting me up for scratches, and wandering ewes kept coming by to sniff our faces.

It was a wonderful and relaxing afternoon, which felt particularly good after this long winter of snowstorm after snowstorm. It’s a little colder again today, but I can feel the spring in my bones!

Up close is personal in the greenhouse
Enjoying some time in the greenhouse

2 thoughts on “Still Waiting”

  1. Thanks for the description of your afternoon in the greenhouse. I have to laugh: it must be that the modern definition of “bucolic” somehow includes PVC and tubular aluminum rafters. In the summer we shepherds sit in the shade under a tree on a log or rock and visit with the sheep. In the winter …we’re comfy under a sheet of plastic!

  2. Bucolic it was! It was a nice change from running around doing errands and worrying about all the things I should be doing! It was great!!!

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