Goat Jockeying

Four nights in a row. Wow! Real sleep, 7 hours last night, 9 each of the nights before that. Our babies are all doing well. Saturday morning we opened the three jugs (pens) up to each other in the main greenhouse so that the three goatie moms could mingle with their babies.

Elf surveys the options
Elf surveys the options

This is always something of a challenge. When the does have been separated for awhile they need to re-establish their pecking order. Unfortunately, Elf has always been the lowest-of-the-low and she gets picked-on quite a bit. Sock Monkey really took advantage of the situation and got her licks in. But when the divider came out and Salsa joined the crew, she quickly began to put Sock Monkey in her place. She can be hard on Elf as well, though. As the day went by things got better and they are negotiating their space. We have found through the years with our rams that re-introducing them after a separation is safer in a small space than it is in an open paddock. They do not have a chance to run at each other from a long way away and build up speed and break necks or throw each other with powerful body slams. Hopefully these does will work things out, although Elf has never had any goat buddies here. She tends to hang out with Zorro the llama.

The babies are having a blast, even if their moms are being territorial! The two singles had been waiting for the big moment when they would have some playmates :* )


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