Sunday and Sun!

My goodness! We are having a sunny day again today! Wow. No Monday morning snow storm. Amazing. Maybe spring really is just around the corner.

We had a lovely day yesterday and were outside until dark, enjoying the warm temperatures and trying to get caught up with extra tasks that might get us ahead before lambing starts next week. Elf is still having trouble with her pen-mates and she went over the green panel yesterday morning. I guess she needed a break. Her boy had a big belly full of milk and we let her stay outside in the sunshine for awhile before corralling her back in. I feel bad for her… if she had twin babies I might let her out with them, but Dove really needs to be with the others, so they need to make their peace with each other.

Round about midday I got down to a task I had been dreading. Our buck, Elvis, had been showing signs of some itchy, dandruffy stuff, and he was starting to nibble at his legs. Upon further investigation, we realized that he has a lice infestation. So after a call to a vet, who told us that everyone, even the sheep, would have it in no time (if they didn’t already have it), we decided that we had to use the Ectiban pour-on. He instructed us to use it even on the kids, which I really had a tough time with, but I do understand that they had already been exposed to it, so we did. Messy, oily stuff! Yuck! It was not too difficult to get the shorn ewes taken care of, but it was tough getting it under the goat fiber onto their backbones. And we need to do it again in 3 weeks. This winter has been hard on everyone!

After that nasty job, I decided to take a page out of our friend Kelly’s book (Kelly of Romney Ridge Farm) and take some time to go down and visit our peninsula’s lighthouse. Kelly and her human kids had stopped by early in the day to visit our “earless” goats, and when they left they were headed down to the lighthouse. I couldn’t stop thinking about that, so Kali, Chloe and I hopped in the car and went down. Took in the sea breeze and chilled out on the rocks with the gulls in the sunshine. It was great! I can’t get enough of the sound of the surf on the rocks and the view of the ocean to the horizon. Fuel for the soul!  It was good.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in the March sun
Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in the March sun

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