No Horns Allowed!

It couldn’t have been a better day! Well, maybe it could have been a few degrees warmer, but the sap is flowing and the sun is shining, and the goat kids are having a blast, and the pregnant ewes are starting to complain a lot! If they can’t be eating, they are complaining that their babies are kicking the daylights out of them. It’s quite a sight!

Thursday afternoon I raced home from work so that I could pick up all the goat kids and take them down to Sea Breeze Farm in Friendship. Brian is a good soul who is willing to do the evil deed of de-horning our babies for us. We do not have the box or the iron and I am not sure that we have enough goat kids in a year to warrant the purchase and learning curve to use them. So we put the babes in the back of the Subaru and rode down. Chloe came with me, and with great care, Brian burned their horn buds.

Pippi plays with her sister Oreo
Pippi plays with her sister Oreo

The worst part of the de-horning is that you can smell the burning hair. Brian shaves the area before applying the iron, but you still get that smell. Minutes after they are back in the car they are snuggling with the other goatie babes and fine. They look a little strange, like Pippi in this picture… a little like they have crop circles engraved on their tiny heads. Horns are so much trouble in a dairy herd, as they can damage their own udders as well as hurt the others. So we have the onerous task each spring, but it also gets us down to Sea Breeze Farm for a nice visit! And in another week, we will all have forgotten this and have moved on to lambing!


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