Playtime @ the Rock

Lambs at play
Lambs have a break from play

So it finally stopped raining and it’s playtime! The big rock is again the center of activity in our winter paddock. The five oldest lambs are taking a break from their run-and-chase-game to find out what I am doing… their mothers are busy at the feeder, and the youngest two lambs are hanging in the greenhouse. They will get with the program soon!


6 thoughts on “Playtime @ the Rock”

  1. Thanks for the pic! I have to admit it is just a BIT quiet this year without our usual complement of lambies charging about back and forth.

    The other night three YEARLING ewes played “Queen of the Hill” on the wooden lobster crate out in the paddock. That only lasted a few minutes. I think they realized that they’re now BIG girls and should be acting the part.

  2. Yes, we are totally enjoying the lambs. We are letting the kids out to mingle in the afternoons now and that is a complete riot! I will have to try and get some pictures of that.

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