Crazy Week

The schoolyear for us officially ended yesterday!  Oh my, I am tired.  It’s been a busy week so far, even without adding school into the mix.  Our yearling doe Rhubarb surprised us a little early with two beautiful bucklings late on Sunday afternoon.  Of course, Sunday afternoon it was raining buckets, but our Rhubarb had her boys tidily tucked behind her, and when I got out there to do evening chores, they were both dry and fed.  Their little tummies were very full, and one of them was dozing on his feet… I guess he figured it had taken him a bit of energy to get up onto those silly legs, he wasn’t going to give up yet!

Batty has made his entrance!
Batty has made his entrance!

One of the boys has been named Batty due to the fact that he has protruding ears (hardly noticeable, I know!) which are the “elf” type ear that LaMancha goats can have.  His brother has been dubbed Bud, as he has the “rosebud” type ears.  Other than one being slightly darker than the other in coloring, the ears are the best way to tell these calm and gorgeous boys apart.  And I guess that I need to get a picture of Bud in here.  Wouldn’t want to give Batty all the p.r.!

Now, we just have one more yearling doe who is almost ready to kid… We’re waiting, Snow Pea!

Batty cozies up to his mom, Rhubarb
Batty cozies up to his mom, Rhubarb

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