DeathStar arrives at the farm

We do not have a barn, so everything we do on the farm is done in a series of small greenhouses with heavier, more opaque covers than the usual plant greenhouse.  I milk our goats in one of them, and while I milk I hum a little, talk to the goat in question, and look around.  I was not pleased last week to see this near the top of one of the supporting arch posts of the greenhouse, 5 or 6 feet away from the milking stand and our little operation:

Death star construction underway in our little universe
Death star construction underway in our little universe

I am a huge Star Wars fan, and like Leah, Han and Luke, was not overly pleased to see  this under construction!  I am not a fan of whitefaced hornets, or bald-faced hornets as they are called.  It’s a beautiful little structure, but not welcome near our milking goats as they are tethered to the milk stand!  I have been watching this thing for awhile now and told my husband that I don’t believe it’s active anymore.  I milk twice a day and I spend quite a bit of time in there… no action.  Until last evening as Sock Monkey was giving her all, I saw one crawl in there.  I couldn’t believe that it would fit when it landed, as it is very small still, but it went right in.  I was able to take a picture of the creature in there, and amazingly enough it’s visible in the picture!

You can just see the tail of the critter in there
You can just see the tail of the hornet in there

I know that young wasps are being raised in there, but I am curious as to why the whole paper structure isn’t being enlargened by the hornets.  If Darth Vader were still around I am sure it would be turning into a monster of a hive!


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