Piggies In, Chickens Out

I love it when we find balance on the farm.  Our daily life is very routine-oriented and when anything changes that routine, it takes me almost a week to fine-tune how my chore times look.  Maybe I am slow to adapt, I don’t know!

As our farm goes, we try not to have too many different groupings of animals to care for at one time, as that complicates life greatly.  Sheep and milking goats are our mainstay, but we really depend on our pigs and our roasting chickens to get us through the food year, even though we only need to keep them as part of the farm animal scene for a portion of the year.

This year things have worked out quite well in that regard.  We got our roasters early, and our piggies late.  So this was swap week.  We picked up the piggies on Sunday, and the chickens had their date with destiny on Tuesday.  It’s been a long week, but I think things have died down to a dull roar now.

Piglets on board
Piglets on board
8 week old Cornish X chickens
8 week old Cornish X chickens

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