HyperTufa Fun

Yesterday a group of us had an opportunity to join Dan and Ali of Henbogle and Signs of Maine at their lovely home and got dirty!  They taught us how to create HyperTufa objects (a mixture of things that allow you to form planters and outdoor containers).  It was one of the few really beautiful days that we have had and it was delightful.

Dan gets the dry ingredients started
Dan gets the dry ingredients started

Dan and Ali have a nifty setup:  a small, electric cement mixer that mixed the cement, sand, peat moss and water just right.  Plus, a big, beautiful yard to spread out in and enjoy the fun.  And we can’t forget to mention that the potluck lunch was amazing!

We all brought tubs and were wowed by the collection of neat bowls and containers that the denizens of Henbogle use for their HyperTufa creations.  And then we got to play!  I made a small bird bath and a planter.

My HyperTufa creations!
My HyperTufa creations!

It was loads of fun.  While my forms are curing, I am looking around for more containers to use for the next project.  I think that my bird bath needs a base…  and maybe some feet!


3 thoughts on “HyperTufa Fun”

  1. We had fun, too, and it really got my hypertufa juices flowing. I’ve got plans for a large sandcast garden sculpture, cast in a children’s toboggan I think.

    I hope your planter and birdbath turn out great!


  2. ps, thanks for the goat cheese, it is FABULOUS!!! Give the goats a big special treat from me 🙂

  3. Well, I can imagine that your toboggan sculpture will be something to see! I am having trouble keeping my hands off my hypertufa items but will wait until late this afternoon.

    Our goats are happy to be making you happy! Their favorite treats are graham crackers, believe it or not!

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