Sheep Doctoring. In the Rain (what a surprise).

I feel like Nurse Nina this week.  Our beloved ram, Kyra’s Boy, has been ailing.  Late last week he was down in the pasture with his alter-ego, Mr. Big, when we found that he had a swollen and lame back leg.  Usually we see a lame front leg if one of the sheep or goats has been booking across a hummocky field and hits something the wrong way.  This was definitely not in that category.  I thought that maybe the boys were slamming each other and he took a hard punch to the hip… we probably will never know.  He had been lying there immobile so long that his whole underside was bitten up with tiny little bites that actually drew blood.  What a mess.  So we brought the boys back to the paddock area (can’t keep one ram alone in the field) and I did what I could to get Kyra’s Boy cleaned up and on the mend, but even though the swelling went down some, he obviously was not progressing.  Not even using that leg much at all, so we began to think that he must have a break.  Time for the vet call.  And we got really lucky that our vet fit us in yesterday for the x-rays.  So I loaded him up into the trusty Subaru and took him down (I wouldn’t want to have a hidden video of myself doing that!).

View of Kyra's Boy in the back of my Forester!
View of Kyra's Boy in the back of my Forester

Most sheep would not be as accommodating as Kyra’s Boy.  He is such a beautiful, mild-mannered guy, he didn’t get stroppy or obnoxious at all during the poking and prodding and x-raying that went on.  As it turns out, he doesn’t have a break, but he does have a really bad infection in a major portion of that leg.  The vet ended up putting in a drain and getting him onto penicillin and banamine.  We are hoping for the best, but know that this is a difficult place for an infection to take up residence. We now have him in a smaller pen in a sheltered space next to our (half-built) garage.  The Taj Mahal of private ovine hospital rooms!

Kyra's Boy in his private accommodations
Kyra's Boy in his private digs

So we did our sheep doctoring, in the rain as usual.  It was pouring by the time I got home and I was soaked when I got into the house last night after chores and getting Kyra’s Boy settled, but at least he looked fairly comfortable.  The drugs must have kicked in, though, because this morning he looked quite a bit perkier.  I had trouble getting him to stand still for his shots, and he appears to be eating a little more normally.  Time for some serious finger-crossing and good thought-thinking!  Go Kyra’s Boy!


4 thoughts on “Sheep Doctoring. In the Rain (what a surprise).”

  1. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! I am sending many healing thoughts in your ram’s direction…Is a mi sheberach out of order for a ram? (I somehow suspect it might be, but I’m thinking it anyway!)

  2. Thank you Joanne! I don’t think anything is out of order at this point. Any and all good thoughts and prayers accepted. He is still with us, so that’s something pretty big. I will be thinking of you in your sea of boxes :* )

  3. Good luck with that leg! I hate those mysterious things that crop up out of nowhere and cause such pain and anguish. And in this darn rain, too. I will keep my fingers crossed for him, he is a beautiful boy and obviously very well mannered in the car.

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