Alternate Reality, Anyone?

I am looking for anyone who has some good karma to lend…  I feel like I have been cast in  an alternate reality:  the animal hospital planet!  I am so glad that it’s the summer and I am not rushing off to work every morning.  Not only does the ram Kyra’s Boy have a leg issue that requires a lot of attention, but our 11 year old Lab, Bear, had to have a large tumor removed from her back right leg today.  So now I have two patients with back leg issues.  Sheesh!  I hope everyone is on the mend soon :* )

Bear resting with her boo-boo leg
Bear resting with her boo-boo leg

3 thoughts on “Alternate Reality, Anyone?”

  1. If you find some let me know….

    Hope Bear mends soon, and Kyra’s Boy, too. Any inkiling of what caused K’s infection? It sure sounds nasty!


  2. Thanks, Ali. The vet thinks that KB may have had a vegetative puncture down in the pasture (which has some really stiff, stalky things growing there) and that it happened a number of weeks ago. I guess it healed over and then it took some time to get very nasty. We tried to see where there may have been an entry wound, but couldn’t find anything. I guess it festered for quite some time and got bad enough that he became immobilized. I imagine that we will never know. I am really, really hoping that he will get better enough to be able to breed some ewes this fall, but it’s anyone’s guess right now. We shall see. It’s always something of a gamble, you just do the best you can, like with you and your chickens. In the end, no matter what we do and how we try to control it, nature seems to exert itself! Some days I just have to take a deep breath!

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