Donkey Trek

Chloe and Jingle are all ready for the trek!
Chloe and Jingle are all ready for the trek!

We have been discombobulated here on the farm, what with the animal nursing and crazy weather.  It’s been an intention of ours to get our guard donkey, Jingle, down to the pasture to be with the rams for quite some time.  Since the rams had to come home because of Kyra’s Boy’s leg issues, we got stalled again.  After an incident in the pasture with the ewes (which I shall write about another day), John and I decided we just had to get her down there.  I know, kind of like closing the barn door after the horse is gone, but better now than never.

It takes some planning to get Jingle down to the pasture.  Our road is used as a cut-through from the east side of our peninsula to the route which runs down to the tip of the peninsula and the lighthouse.  Even though it’s a dirt road, cars tend to appear around the curves going a lot faster than the posted 25 mph… thus, making me nervous about Jingle’s reaction to the passing traffic.  So even though we walk her down (1/2 mile or so) on two leads, I always feel more comfortable if someone is following us in a car with the 4-way flashers on so that no one can get right up behind us before we move aside.  (I always picture myself with Jingle on the lead, flying along with my feet barely touching the ground… not a pretty picture!  She can run fast when she wants to, and packs a wallop when she kicks.  Ouch!).

So that’s what we did:  Chloe and I got Jingle fitted out in her new halter with two leads and headed down the road, John bringing up the rear in the Subaru.  It was a nearly perfect walk (parade), only one vehicle really spooked her.  A pickup roared up behind John, and when we moved to the side of the road to let him pass, he came really close and was already going way faster than he should have been when he came alongside us.  But disaster was averted, Jingle got into the pasture, and Chloe and I had a very brisk walk down!  Phew!  And our ewes now have their own personal guardian for the rest of the summer.


2 thoughts on “Donkey Trek”

  1. Donkeys are the best guard animals. We had already adopted a pit bull and a boxer to guard our business property, located on two semi-rural acres. Later, when we bought a horse, we acquired a donkey to serve as the horse’s companion. The donkey has proved a better guard animal than the two bully-dogs. The donkey patrols the fenceline and brays loudly whenever a stranger pulls into the business driveway – while the dogs snooze soundly in my office.

  2. I know, they are amazing. Our girl is a mini, but she is ferocious, and those little hooves galloping around the perimeter definitely pound hard!

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