Summer visiting with good friends

We have had a busy week since the Fiber Tour weekend.  Our friends from NY, Barb and Phil, came up for their yearly visit and we actually had a pretty nice week weather-wise.  Yesterday we got over to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, which is someplace I have been meaning to visit for a very long time.  It was mostly overcast, but the sun came out to surprise us every once in awhile,  and the main part of the gardens nearest the entrance kept us busy for over 2 hours.  Different sections of the gardens focus on clusters of different kinds of annuals and perennials and it’s always good for me to see how things look when they are set together.  Lily ponds, waterfalls and fairy houses made up some of the areas, and I particularly liked the last bit we reached where we saw some great examples of artichokes in flower!  Wow!  I want to try growing those next year :* )  There are also a few other things I saw there that I would like to put on the *someday* list for our house.  A really lovely way to enjoy the day.  Enchanting!  I can’t wait to go back.

Boothbay botanical gardens
Boothbay botanical gardens

After our garden ramblings we met John at home and got ready for the yearly ritual:  the big lobster dinner!

Waterlily pond
Waterlily pond
Part of the Fairy Houses area of the gardens
Part of the Fairy Houses area of the gardens

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