Longest Scarf

ACR team scarf in progress
ACR team scarf in progress

I am madly working on another scarf section for the American Coopworth Registry’s team entries into the Longest Scarf in the World project to benefit Heifer.  Since 2009 was designated by the United Nations as the Year of Natural Fiber, teams of knitters are working together to create scarves (all 9″ wide) out of wool, cotton or any other natural fiber, to be put together at the NY State Sheep and Wool show in Rhinebeck this October.  As we knit, we are trying to raise money for each knitted row, to be donated to Heifer to help them keep providing fiber and meat animals to communities around the world.

Our team, the American Coopworth Registry, has a few scarves started, and then we are passing them to other members of the group to continue.  Ideally, the organizers asked for knitting journals to accompany each scarf, but in my case, I have dropped that ball (what a surprise!).  In the picture above, is the seed stitch piece I am knitting out of my flock’s natural brown wool, DK weight on #4 Peace Fleece wooden needles.  (I love these needles).  I also have kind of dropped the ball on the raising money part of the project (asking people for money is not something I do well), but I will give a donation when I send this off at the end of September.  All the scarf pieces are going to be tied together at the sheep and wool show, and then afterward, will be taken apart and the individual scarves will be sent to charities that provide warm clothing for people around the world.  I think it’s a great project on so many levels, I am enjoying it even though we are under a time constraint now!  Pam Child of Hatchtown Farm is going to continue knitting on this piece, and who knows, maybe someone else wants to help finish it off… any takers out there?


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