Lamb Shearing

We had an absolutely gorgeous weekend!  Amazing weather, cool but sunny.  It really feels like autumn has arrived.  It was the perfect time to have Emily the shearer join us for the fall lamb shearing.  persimmon_waits

Here Persimmon is in our shearing “waiting” room.  She is not a lamb, but she is half Border Leicester and half Coopworth so her fleece is really long by this time of the year.  If we wait until the February shearing, she will be feltie mess! We brought her up from the pasture on Friday afternoon, just before a brief cloudburst passed through.

Persimmon is the only adult who was lined up  for shearing Saturday, and although she is experienced in this process, she is not the most cooperative of sheep.  She gave Emily a run for her money and flopped around so badly that her fleece ended up twisted and turned inside out.  Not a problem for me, as I am going to put this fleece with her last fleece and have it made into roving.  Usually, we prefer to have the fleece come off the sheep in a whole, ordered arrangement, but for my purposes here, not so much.

Shlomit giving us the googly eye as she is shorn
Shlomit giving us the googly eye as she is shorn

The lambs tend to be smaller and less inclined to cooperate on the shearing floor.  It must be a very frightening time: man-handled, flipped, tipped on your butt and all that buzzing noise… and then finding yourself naked!

The 7 sheep were shorn in a relatively short time and were sent off to rejoin their group in the paddock.  I took this opportunity to separate the ram lambs from the ewe lambs; Persimmon was getting some great interest from the boys, and I thought that we could be having some very early lambs indeed, if I left her in with those little buggers!

Silver and grey fleece from Norma's ram lamb
Silver and grey fleece from Norma's ram lamb

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