Autumn is really here

Sat. morning 30 F!
Sat. morning 30 F and frosty had visited!

Yesterday morning it was 30 F. at our house.  Luckily, John had taken some of our shearing sheets and covered as much of the garden as he could… so we came through the first frost of the season quite well.  We didn’t cover the potatoes and the leeks, but there are a couple of trees in that area that I think may have acted as enough of a buffer and protected them.  Phew!  Not long now, though.  The pasture where the ewes are was a blanket of sparkly white.  That’s definitely a done deal.  One more pass for the girls and it’s hay for the duration!


One thought on “Autumn is really here”

  1. Hey, we have those same sheets!
    Luckily, we didn’t need them in the garden–not only did we appear to get no frost but my sunflowers, poppies, rudbeckia and cosmo are all beginning to (finally!) bloom like mad!
    Your website is looking great, Nina! Wonderful photos–

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