It’s that time again!

The natives are restless.

Elvis is obviously wishing the girls to him!
Elvis is thinking that he knows the girls are somewhere around here...

Elvis the buck is smelling so odiferous that you know he’s there long before you even catch sight of him (a sure sign of the onset of breeding time) and

Mr. Big watching in vain for his ewes
Mr. Big watching and waiting

Mr. Big the ram is constantly peering pensively over the fence.  It won’t be long now… we have the ewes at the starting gate, but haven’t had time to trim their hooves and get their coats on them.  5 are going to be joining Mr. Big up in one of the paddocks at the house, and 5 are down in the field waiting for Hamish, one of our ram lambs.  And poor Elvis is going to have to wait until Mr. Big and his group have had their first 16-day fling so that he may meet his does for their breeding rendezvous!

Where did you say the boys are?
Hamish who? We thought you had some grain!

2 thoughts on “It’s that time again!”

  1. Mr Big has the most gorgeous Roman nose. What a handsome guy! Your girls are going to be in love at first sight 🙂

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