Harvest Day and Goodbye to Kyra’s Boy

Aside from having been really sick with this blasted chest cold, today turned out to be a beautiful day.  The sun was shining and the leaves are looking gorgeous, and it was so warm that I traded my turtleneck and my vest for a t-shirt.  We decided that it was time to harvest all of our root vegetables, which did beautifully.  We have been eating some of our beets in the last month, but today we harvested 5.5 lbs. of golden beets, 13.75 lbs of red beets, 6 lbs. carrots, and we didn’t have time to pull the leeks.  And even though we have eaten at least 10 lbs. of our Kennebec potatoes,

Some of the Kennebec potatoes we harvested
Some of the Kennebec potatoes we harvested

we still harvested another 23.5 lbs. today.  Beautiful!   We are very lucky that the blight didn’t hit us here. So we took the opportunity to roast up some golden and red beets, onions and garlic.

Pan of roasting veggies ready for the oven
Pan of roasting veggies ready for the oven

It was totally delicious.

And on another front, we finally made the decision to put Kyra’s Boy down.  Our dear ram just kept regenerating infection around his knee; it leaked, we dealt with it, he got better, and it started all over again.  He’s been living in his own pen for so long, it began to feel like the norm for us.  I really didn’t dare let him back in with the rambunctious boys as he might have leaked infectious stuff all over the place, so he remained all by his lonesome.  There weren’t many choices to be had, so a friend of ours came and put him down and took him to another friend who will use his carcass.  I got as much fleece off him as I could, which I will use and remember him by.  He had a good life here, and that’s about all we can ask of our animal friends.  He made a lot of great market lambs for a few years there, so he didn’t owe us anything.  Good bye Kyra’s Boy.  We are all going to miss you.


2 thoughts on “Harvest Day and Goodbye to Kyra’s Boy”

  1. Nina, so sorry to hear about Kyra’s Boy. It makes it more difficult when you work so hard to get them better. :o(

  2. Thanks, Kris. It does make it more difficult. But you have to make your choice about how far you want to go with it, and then just do the best you can, I guess!

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