Long Week Over

It’s been a long week.  A tough week.  Still not feeling on top of the lingering chest cold and then of course everything changes so quickly when it’s breeding and butcher season.  Kyra’s Boy’s departure left a big gap as he was always our meeter and greeter at the house, and then to top it off with a group of lambs and goats that needed loading to get out to the butcher (never something I look forward to as we have to catch them, and then hoist them into the back of the truck), it was a stressful one as well.  Especially since  I wrestled with and made a very tough decision about one of my original milking does, Sock Monkey, and sent her to the butcher with the two little guys.  Life in the fast farm lane.  I guess some people can make those decisions and not let it bother them, but it’s tough for me.  Necessary decisions since this is much of the food we put on the table, but tough nonetheless. Although I really think I would rather it be this way.  It wouldn’t give me such a hard time if I didn’t care so much for all of our animals, and that’s a good place to be, I think.  We really do give each other life and enjoy our time together in the process.

Ah well, the weekend is here and full of promise…  it’s not raining!  And I can hardly wait to see the grandbabies all dressed up for Halloween :*)



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