Butchers and a Local Thanksgiving harvest

Wow, it’s Sunday and it’s still sunny and warm. I am reveling in being at home for the day and  am recuperating from the back to back trips to butchers:  Friday night a trip to the butcher in Albion to pick up the fresh pork cuts from our pigs, and a 200+ mile round-trip yesterday to Dover-Foxcroft to pick up our lamb and goat meat from that butcher.  It feels wonderful to have gotten that taken care of before Thanksgiving, but I am bone-tired.  I wish I had taken a photo of the back of my Subaru crammed with boxes covered with blankets, towels and those heavy moving blankety things.  I rode with most of the windows open as it was a really warm day yesterday and was afraid of the 2.5 hour ride.  But between the cardboard and all the coverings, the meat was fine and still frozen solid.  It was great to get this taken care of.  Now all we wait for is the smoked pork cuts like the bacon and the hams.  Yum!  Can’t wait :*)

Gotta love a freezer full of home-grown meat!

I am not so very ready for Thanksgiving however, except that I did order a turkey and while cleaning out one of the freezers, I came across my back-up supply of locally grown cranberries.  Well, grown in Maine cranberries!  That’s two items taken care of.  I want to make Thanksgiving as close to a locavore meal as I can this year.  Coffee, olive oil, sugar and flour can’t count, I guess, as I don’t think I can get that here in Maine yet, although the flour is going to be possible in the near future.  We have our own potatoes, onions, milk, goat cheese, italian sausage for the stuffing, turkey from nearby, cranberries from Maine, eggs from friends (? Hatchtown???), and maybe instead of a pumpkin pie I need to make one with our butternut squashes.  It might work.  Hmmm. I am going to give it a try.


3 thoughts on “Butchers and a Local Thanksgiving harvest”

  1. Go for it, you’ll have fun! I’m working on my planning/procuring now, I roasted our pumpkins for pie tonight. Flour, oil, sugar and coffee are hard to source locally. I bought coffee today from Bohemian Coffee in Brunswick. I know the coffee is from far, far away, but at least it is Fair Trade Organic and roasted locally. We are looking forward to our share of the pig….. MMMMMM!

  2. Roasting pumpkins that you raised.. great! I have been trying to buy locally roasted coffees as well. I even have a small coffee roaster and sometimes do my own roasting. That would count as well!

  3. Eggs, yes! I have eggs for you. Do you have cheese for me? We’re all so spoiled by your cheese! I can’t imagine our Thanksgiving celebration without it! YUM!

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