Dog magnets

Mealtime is a busy time of day

Are the words “dog” and “magnet” written over our front door or on our foreheads???  Maybe.  Or just:  2 big animal suckers live here?  We have had a chihuahua and a lab for many years, but then few years ago we inherited a Jack Russell from friends, and now it appears that our son’s dog is staying with us for awhile.  Daisy the Bluetick/Walker hound mix, 8 months old.  She is a sweetheart, big and gormless :*)   I guess our 20 acres is perfect for a dog like a hound.  She and Bear the Lab have a great time wandering and checking out the sights and smells. They look like two best friends going out the back door and heading into the woods in the snow.  And then two funny faces wait for us at the back door. But… it also makes for a pretty busy household!   Everyone has their place and a different relationship with their people:  Tesser the Chihuahua makes sure to sleep with us at night; Josie the Jack Russell sleeps in the dog bed in the bathroom; Daisy sleeps in her crate, and Bear spends her evenings outside the bathroom door, and daytimes she spends it on her blanket in front of the south-facing french doors.  I guess maybe everyone likes that location pretty well, come to think of it!

Naptime for the big 3!

Greenhouse revealed

Winter has hit us with a windy vengeance.  By the middle of last week we were having arctic wind gusts at approximately 30 mph, and it sounded as though a freight train was traveling through the neighborhood.  With the ice on the ground, it was a challenge to even reach the animal paddocks in one piece.  Last Thursday I was running up the driveway at dusk, head down to make sure I didn’t fall, threw open the gate to my work area that connects all three paddocks, and instead of a nicely covered temporary milking greenhouse, this is what I saw:

Greenhouse skeleton, laid bare :*(

Salsa and I were not pleased!  The lights were swinging in the wind and I couldn’t raise a soul in the house to come and help.  I guess in the end, it didn’t make any difference… I don’t think we could have hoisted that heavy covering over in the face of those winds, even if there were two of us.  We had to wait until the winds died down to get that lid back on.  The greenhouse needs a totally new covering, but they are not cheap, and I don’t want to replace it until we re-site the whole structure.  Before we really knew the lay of the land and how the winter winds travel across the front of the property, we put this and one other livestock greenhouse up, with the gable ends facing east/west.  Not the best planning on our parts!  The winds hoot down from the northwest and get into the gable ends and lift the whole heavy covering up and down, shifting it just ever so slightly, over and over again.  Eventually it just starts to come apart and lose its integrity.  We did finally get the cover back on and tied down again.  Not much more milking to be done this year, thank goodness.  Although I have to say, it was a beautiful, clear evening, and I got to snuggle up against a nice warm body and stargaze.