Wintery days

January seems to be slipping by at incredible speed.  My asthma has been acting up a little bit and I don’t feel as though I am getting quality sleep… not a shock, really, but always a downer.  Between that and the Haiti earthquake and all the snow that has been dumping on us, it’s just been quite the month all around.

Fuzzy Lumpkin and friends looking for more breakfast

The sheep and goats are handling the new scenery with their usual aplomb, however.  I must say it does look beautiful out there and it is dazzling today in the sunshine.  Any winter day with sunshine is a wonderful thing!

Our friends Kali and Chloe came over to help out with some goat hoof trimming this morning.  We got 3 of our 6 girls trimmed up and then took the milking stand over to their house to get two of their goats done.  It never seems like it will take a lot of energy, but when we were finished I felt like I could use a good rest :*)

Salsa and daughter Pippi after the manicure

I know that most bloggers have gotten their word out about donating to the Red Cross for Haiti relief, but I will put in my two cents for a couple of organizations that I feel cross all boundaries throughout the world and also put donations to excellent use (I am not knocking the Red Cross, they are wonderful):  Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders) and the American Friends Service Committee.  I am always in awe of the good work that those organizations do; they both seem to be able to get anywhere in the world and do their thing, regardless of the politics in the region.  Any of you fiber folk that read Stephanie Pearl McPhee’s blog, YarnHarlot, are aware that she is asking knitters to donate to MSF, email and alert her as to how much you donated, then she is tallying the knitters’ contribution!  Kind of a nice thing for us in the fiber community to notice and be proud of.  Her goal is $1,000,000 and it is looking like it is close.  Today her tally is over $900,000.  Way to go knitters!


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