What’s on your needles?

Having so much life on my plate right now I didn’t even let myself fantasize about joining the Knitting Olympics, either on Ravelry or with the Yarn Harlot and her blog.  (Well, honestly I did fantasize about it, from behind firmly closed eyelids during sleepless snatches circa 3 a.m.).   I don’t *really* have anything on my needles right now, a few swatchy things that aren’t pleasing me, so I was in a position to take a stab at a challenge.  Hecky darn, even a baby hat for my beloved grandboy would have been a challenge for me these days!  Probably a good idea that I didn’t succumb this time, even though I was ever so tempted.  One of my long range knitting goals is to make myself a sweater with our own lovely Coopworth yarn, and I had the momentary thought to try that.  Momentary is the keyword here!

The most recent item that I can say I actually finished is a

Triangle neck warmer

triangular scarf of dk weight Coopworth, a silver grey that I space-dyed sometime last summer.  I love it, although if I had had another skein, I definitely would have made it longer.  I love the pattern that Pam of Hatchtown Farm helped me get going (I have long admired a scarf of hers that she knit in a similar way).  It’s random knit and stockinette bands with a center line of 3 stitches down the middle. Increasing on either side of this center band makes the scarf an almost autopilot project (started at the neck).  This seems to be my speed these days as my brain is frazzled and pulled in too many directions to do much more than that!

It was fun to follow the Knitting Olympics, so many talented knitters out there who did some truly amazing things.  Maybe I should plan on a sweater that will fit our grandboy for next winter!  I may be able to do that if I get started now  :*) (Maybe Kris of Losing Sleep Counting Sheep will share her children’s sweater pattern?)


2 thoughts on “What’s on your needles?”

  1. Absolutely beautiful result. You know I will be bugging you to display it at Rhinebeck this year, if you don’t have other plans for it.

    I actually signed up for YH’s Olympics — with not one, but two, projects — and promptly proceeded to work on neither one. FAIL. I am even too embarrassed to blog about it.

    I sent you the link for the baby sweater pattern link on ravelry. It was quick, quick, quick. I think I finished in a week.

  2. Thanks, Kris! I will definitely bring along the triangle. I went to spinning the other night too bone-tired to haul the spinning wheel along, so I took a skein of sport weight dyed yarn and started one with that. Mindless. Perfect for lambing season!

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