Lambs and kids, almost

Another extraordinary and beautiful morning.  It’s over 40 degrees and warmer in the sun.  As usual, we await out lambs and kids eagerly and this year is no exception.  Two of our dairy does had some mucous drip yesterday, so we got all excited and I did my first really late maternity check last night.  Sat in the recliner watching the Food network until 11:30 (making myself hungry!) and went out to find everyone bedded down and cudding nicely.  We had locked Persimmon into a large pen as she is due today; I pushed her prolapse harness to the one side of her tail and everything is looking good there as far as the prolapse.  On the other hand, it’s kind of scary looking at the flabby skin around her rectum as the poop kept getting caught between the harness and her bottom, stretching it out a tad grotesquely.  I think I saw a  tiny mucous drip on her this morning and she looks like her babies have dropped (as much as is going to show on a tank like Persimmon!).  She actually walked away from the feeder and made a pass around the upper paddock before returning to stuff her face with hay.  Hmmm.  Going to have to keep a close eye on her.  Where are those binoculars?


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