Water celebration!

Water delivery at last!

There comes a time every autumn when John and I get really grumpy:  the onset of the water carrying time of year.  John was clever and planned ahead for having animals 400 feet up beyond the house and created a “dug” well (upright cement sewer pipes in the ground with crushed stone in the bottom).  We keep a sump pump in it and hoses that reach up to our winter paddock area.  Plug it in, wait a minute or two, and we have water.  Once it gets cold enough, usually sometime in November, we have to resort to gerry cans filled in the bathtub, dragged down the back steps, into the truck, and driven up to the paddock.  And it’s really a pain since I haven’t been able to be much help with this in the past year due to my bursitis.

But tonight we should be partying!  John plugged it in this afternoon and what do you know, we got water!  I just hope we don’t get an extended cold snap and that it keeps on running :*)


2 thoughts on “Water celebration!”

  1. Oh, I well know water woes. And I was doing a little dance on Wednesday morning when water came out of the hose! I was finally able to clean out the girls tank properly and give them all fresh water. Hooray!

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