Persimmon does it

Persimmon's ram lambs arrive on a sunny afternoon!

Persimmon chose a beautiful afternoon on which to deliver her twins, at least a 50 degree day.  They are beautiful boys.  She of the vaginal prolapse did an amazing job, and the prolapse seems to be a non-issue now as many people had said it might be.  I was checking on her on and off all day, but about 3 o’clock I stopped up and saw that she was again in the far back corner of the greenhouse, pawing the ground.  When I went in I saw that she had a water bag out and even though it was tough to really check her hind end, I did spy one little hoof.  It took me a few minutes to pen her in there and then she wouldn’t let me touch her, but the harness really had to come off or she might not have been able to push the lambs out.  I didn’t want to start poking around trying to see if the lamb had both front feet presented (normal delivery) without my lambing box, so by the time I got back, white ram had joined the party and Persimmon was happily chortling to him and cleaning him up.  I had hoped that if I turned my back she would do her thing, and thankfully she did.  I hate to start the lambing season with a big complicated deal!  Of course, she dropped him in the only area of the pen that didn’t have any straw on the floor!  I barely had time to get into the pen when Persimmon went into her corner and didn’t even lie down to have black lamb #2.  He came out kicking and screaming, and was up fairly quickly.  We had some trouble getting them onto the teat, but later on our friend Pam came by and (if I had had my bifocals on I probably would have seen it!) saw that the white ram had entropion, or turned under eyelids.  Really irritating to the eye (it actually ulcerates it), so after numerous attempts to turn it right-side-out, this evening I went out and put an alligator clip on the lower lid.  It looks awful, but when it creates scar tissue, it should hold the lower lid out and prevent it from turning under again, we hope.  We have had pretty good results in the past with that.  I think the poor little guy may have been hanging out knocking on the back door for awhile and was squeezing his eyes so tightly that the lower lids rolled under.  Poor baby!

Persimmon is a crossbred ewe, half Border Leicester and half Coopworth.  That’s why the boys look like they have bunny ears :*)  The twins’ father is Mr. Big, our AI Border Leicester ram who originates from SuDan Farm in Canby, Oregon.

Proud father, Mr. Big the BL ram!

He always makes beautiful babies!


4 thoughts on “Persimmon does it”

  1. Glad it all worked out ok. What a gorgeous day to be born, those are some lucky babies!

  2. So happy to see this happy ending! Beautiful babies, congratulations. Love your description of the mama chortling — great word!

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