If it’s Tuesday, we must be having lambs or kids

Mae and her twins

Last night our lovely ewe Mae had enormous lambs:  white ram, 15 lbs, black ewe, 13 lbs. 10 oz.  Holy cow!  We had been checking on her around the clock because she was due Sunday and she usually lambs a little ahead of time.  She’s older, and I was a little worried about her.  I shouldn’t be, I guess!  We checked on  her around dinner time and she showed absolutely no signs of labor, and when I went out at 9:15, there were two babies, up, cleaned off, and fed.  They were very nonchalant about it and came willingly into a jug where we did all the usual things and got them bedded down for the night.  Not bad, although by the time I got to bed it was 11:30, which is way past my usual bedtime.  But I slept well after all that excitement!

Chloe with Mae's enormo ewe lamb!

Chloe was kind enough to let Kate and her ewe lambs out this morning after the sun had really gotten up, so when I got home they were frolicking in the upper paddock with Persimmon’s ram lambs.  Glorious afternoon.  I am on my way back out in a few minutes.  SnowPea the goat is in labor :*)

Stopping for a nosh, enjoying the sun!

2 thoughts on “If it’s Tuesday, we must be having lambs or kids”

  1. What a great mom, especially given the size of those lambs! Those are the best kinds of birthing stories. I love seeing those little nursing butts next to mom.

  2. I know, there is nothing like it in the world! Just yesterday the 4 lambs out in the paddock found the big rock and can get up on it now. What a hoot!

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