Tesser’s teeth

Tesser after surgery, inside John's shirt

Poor Tesser the Chihuahua!  She had to have  her teeth worked on this past Wednesday and was in pretty rough shape when we got her home.  I have only seen her in this condition once, when she had a really bad reaction to a vaccine, but she’s older now and the poor thing suffered!  I don’t think chihuahuas are known for their sterling teeth, and Tesser’s were no exception.  She is the sweetest little dog ever, but come at her with a toothbrush or a nail clipper and you are going to lose your hand.  So we knew it was time to have her teeth scaled and cleaned professionally, but we didn’t realize how bad her mouth really was.

When we picked her up, the vet told us she had had to extract a “few” teeth, and they weren’t complicated extractions.  So she brought Tesser out, and in her hand she had a ziploc baggie, full of tiny Tesser teeth!  10 in all (that we paid for, anyway!).  Yikes!  It’s difficult to tell what’s still in her mouth, but she is definitely a happier doggie now that she is feeling better and the anesthesia has worn off.   We have her on a soaked-kibble diet (which John the softie is augmenting with a scrambled egg every morning).  She has started running with the big dogs in the house, and is even barking up a storm again when someone comes down the driveway, or at least when she thinks someone is coming down!  It’s nice to have the barking dog complement up to snuff again :*)

P.S.:  We love our vets!

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