Meadow’s turn

Meadow's 2010 accomplishments!

Our first early morning lambing went off without a hitch.  Meadow had a beautiful black ewe and black ram a little after 2 a.m.  Our son very kindly checks on the ewes and does before he goes to bed (which is way later than we do!) so we have the ability to get a little bit of sleep if there looks like nothing is going on.  He knocked early this morning to tell us that Meadow was looking like a possible, having taken up residence in the deserted greenhouse in one of the “favorite” lambing corners.  We gave her a little bit of alone time, and when John got out there he called to say that number 2 was being dried off (the picture above) and number 1 was up and about and mostly dry.  They are the first lambs of the year that were sired by a ram lamb of ours from last year:  Hamish the blue Coopworth.  Both the lambs have the beautiful markings on their eartips – lighter around the edges – and the white teardrops that indicate the “blue” gene.   And the lighter grey “saddle” around their middles.  Sheep color genetics are quite the mystery to me, but our friends at Hatchtown Farm have spoken about them in their blog.  I really look for the “blue” in our Coopworths as I think the silver-blue-grey that comes out in their fleeces is the best thing ever.  And as Pam of Hatchtown points out, dyeing the silver fleece or yarn yields such an amazing color palette.  Much more subtlety and depth than on a white fiber.

And both are on their feet

So we have two more lambies in the greenhouse and still have our 50/50 split on the sexes.  I have never seen it fall out this way!  When I did chores this morning, Meadow’s babies were hopping around the pen while Meadow had a well-deserved rest.

I wonder what Raven, Lucy and HoneyBea have planned for us tonight!  They were all due over the weekend…

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