Tie is broken, and lost

Lupine with ewe #1 and #2 on the way

We had another hopping night early Friday morning.  Lupine took her time to deliver two large and beautiful white ewe lambs, floppy ears and all.  It was really late by the time we got to bed, but we knew the girls now outnumbered the boys!  Very exciting.  So we had 18 lambs on the ground (with the ewes winning the day) and a buckling and doeling of SnowPea’s.

But, Friday really wasn’t our day.  John had to call me at work to tell me that the doeling got caught in a feeder and strangled, and later on, Meadow’s ewe lamb was crushed to death when the ewes got panicked by a dog harassing them.  Not a good end to the day yesterday.  All I can hope for is that luck doesn’t really run in 3s and this is it for the year.

The ewes had the advantage for a brief moment on Friday, but now we are back to neck-in-neck.  I don’t really care about the numbers, just hate hate hate losing little ones this way.

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