Easter sunny day!

It was summer all of a sudden today.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was.  Chloe and I got into the greenhouse mid-morning and got to work on Fuzzy’s ewe lamb and Norma’s lambs.  It was so warm already that the sheep were quite warm in there and we really needed to get eartags on the babies as well as banding their tails.  So we took care of that and got some great pictures of Chloe with the babies.

Chloe holds Fuzzy Lumpkin's ewe lamb
Chloe with Norma's smaller ewe lamb

We gave them an hour or two to get over the eartag adventure, and then we let them out into the sunshine to join their ewe cohort on the hill.  We have had 19 lambs this  year, and we had a total of 12 ewe lambs and 7 ram lambs.  What a great year!  Even with the loss of one ewe lamb, we still have 11 ewes and 7 rams.  The girls did a great job this year, yay ewes :*)

The day was so inviting that John and I decided to actually put on some decent clothes and head down to the Pemaquid Lighthouse at the bottom of our peninsula, about 10 miles down the road.  It was spectacular!  The tide was coming in and the waves were rough enough to make a good show on the rocks.  It was a very restful and pleasant way to spend a few  hours.

Pemaquid Point lighthouse

We are lucky to live so close to such a beautiful spot.  When we got home, it was back to work with the sheep.  I even got to put on a pair of shorts today!

Rocks at Pemaquid Point

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