Elf the Goat chimes in

Elf cleans off her nearly 9 lb. doeling

Elf waited to have her doeling until the day got a little warmer.  It was kind of nasty early in the day with a cold wind and cloudy skies.  When I drove down the driveway from work, I couldn’t see Elf at the fenceline where she usually is, but I got busy feeding little Banjo boy and getting changed, so I missed the birth of her 8lb 14 oz doeling!  When I went out to do chores after 5, there she was, almost totally dry and bobbing and weaving at her mother’s udder.  What a great sight!  Elf had a doeling her first kidding, but since then has only had bucks.  She doesn’t fit into our goat herd as well as the others, who are all related to Salsa, so I am totally thrilled to have a doe from her.  Now they can be buds and hang together!  Chloe, John and I didn’t even get our hands dirty on this one… we just weighed her, clipped and dipped her umbilical cord, gave her the BoSe shot, and watched her make herself at home at the milk bar.  They should all be this easy!

Elf and her baby

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