A Day to dye for

Vacation week is almost over.  It’s been a busy one, trying to get everything sorted out on the farm that I don’t usually have daylight and decent weather for.  But today I knew it was time to do some fun fiber stuff:

Painted skeins waiting to be steamed

I broke out my dye box and got 12 skeins of wool dyed up.  I always work outside as it’s a bit of a mess, but I had some fun.  My only complaint is that the wind was gusting at about 12-15 mph and the saran wrap in which the skeins are wrapped, got incredibly tangled.  Hardship!

I always have a lot of fun squirting and painting the skeins.  They don’t look like much when I close them in their saran wrap packages, but after they are steamed over the outdoor lobster

Saran wrapped yarn in the dyepot

cooker, they sure are pretty!

Dyed skeins drying

4 thoughts on “A Day to dye for”

  1. Hi Nina!

    Beautiful! Two days left of vacation, so use them to your advantage!

    How’s the house goat?

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