It can always be worse

Another crazy week.  On Saturday the rain was incredibly nasty and the temperature plummeted.  John got a wonderful fire going in the fireplace and I was feeling down with a cold, so I gave myself permission to sit in front of the fire with a few good books and the chihuahua and jack russell on my lap.  How bad could it be?

Spring birches

On Sunday the weather was beautiful but blustery.  So John kept the fire going and we had a warm spot to come in to.  My cold got worse.  The mouse on our home computer got flaky and stopped working.  The dishwasher was loaded and ready to go and didn’t.  Josie the Jack Rusell found a runaway guinea keet and ate it before I could stop her.  It just didn’t seem to be my day.  Mother’s Day at that.  Or my weekend!

But I got some lovely cards and had a chance to spend some time with the family.  And this week I have finally gotten to Staples to get a new mouse (wireless this time); hopefully we have the roasters and the guinea fowl more tightly tucked up in their enclosure after a mass breakout on Monday;  it’s almost the end of the work week; 2 of our beautiful ram lambs went to live as 4-H lambs with friends of ours; and I hear the weather might actually be getting warmer and more spring-like again!  Or as the folktale says: “it could always be worse!”  (Of course, my cold actually has gotten worse and gone into my chest and taken my voice with it, but, well, you can’t have everything!)


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