Animal update

Banjo keeps close track of us

We have had a lot of inquiries about how some of the animals are coming along, especially Banjo the bottle goat.  He is now over a month old and doing very well.  He is down to two bottles/day, but he is eating up a storm at the hay feeder.  I kept offering him that late night bottle, but this past week he only played with it when I went out, so I decided just to give him the two.  He really is a sweet boy, and just follows us around while we do chores.  I have to make sure to remember to get him back inside as we get so used to having him running about!

Then there are those adorable piggies!  They are really growing like crazy.  Not as friendly as some of the pigs we have had in the past, but they are getting used to us little by little.

3 Not-So-Little piggies

And the real eye-popper is always the chickens.  They just grow so fast you can almost see it happen.  This breed of roaster acts so much more like egg-layers than the CornishX we usually get that I am totally amazed.  They are active little foragers which hopefully will keep their legs strong so as they grow they won’t weaken and keel over dead as their body mass increases.  Their feathers are popping out, and it’s lovely to see the range of buff and reddish coloration.  The guinea keets are growing fast as well (boy are they fast little buggers!).

Roasters doing their chicken thing
John holds 3 of the chicks
A roaster showing off his or her new feathers

And so it goes.


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