A good day

It has been quite a weekend so far.  I have been knocked down by allergies and allergic rash and not really been myself this past week.  The antihistamine my dr. says will help turned me into a zombie with a cotton brain.  Today is the first day I am out from under the effects (after having stopped the pills) and I feel like I can think, but of course I now itch all over again.  There just isn’t any winning.  Sigh.

The weather was a total winner today.  We did a lot of outside farm type things.  Rounded up some runaway guinea keets and got ready for 2 of our lambs to go to a new home.  John took care of some compost orders and reorganized the piles so we can drive past them.  Quite a job!

Ram lamb and ewe lamb waiting

The sheep spent most of the day loafing and cudding as good sheep are supposed to do in the heat of the day.  The girls and the lambs rest in the shade of the greenhouse in the top picture.  It’s getting difficult to tell the lambs from the adult ewes these days, they have grown so fast.  I always forget how that happens!  Our two lambs wait in a pen for their new owners to arrive from western Maine (bottom picture).

Our ewes are not very happy with us right now, however, as weaning is nigh.  We have been cutting down their grain rations and giving them first cut hay… not tops in their book!  But it’s time.  In another week or so I would like to have them down on pasture (without their lambs) so this is the way it goes.  Sorry girls!  You’ve done a great job, now it’s time to refresh yourselves on grass and get ready for breeding in the autumn.  Thinking about the seasons from the point of view of the sheep year always stops me in my tracks… it’s not quite June and I am thinking about October and breeding already!  I hope this summer is a nice one that we can enjoy without getting washed away.  Keeping my fingers crossed!


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