Mr. Big moves on

Mr. Big our AI Border Leicester ram

As usual things have been crazy around the farm.  School ended last week and I have been scrambling to get ahead here at the house.  Too many things to do and not enough time!  But, we finally found a great home for our ram, Mr. Big.  He has gone to live on Bridge Farm in Dresden, about 15 miles from here.  They have a lovely, historic farm there along the river, and he will have some new ram friends, as well as some new ewes to get friendly with :*)

We took him over yesterday morning and had a lovely visit.  Kathy and Bob have a great setup, and interns on the farm have built a cob bake oven.  We have been planning on building one here and haven’t gotten to it yet, so it was lovely to see one in action.  How exciting!  Mike and Erin are making lovely breads and we got to witness the baking.  And taste a great loaf!

Cob oven in action
Loaves fresh from the oven
Mr. Big hides looks out from his new digs

So the ram who has done so much for us here finally has found a new home.  Good luck, Mr. Big!  We love you and are glad you are close enough so that we can visit!

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