Chicken central

Roasters and laying hens togetherThe chicken world is moving along at quite a click here at Ruit Farm.  The new breed of roasters that we have, the Freedom Rangers, are supposed to grow more slowly than the white Cornish cross that we usually raise for meat.  These Rangers are meant for pasture, and we have been getting the space ready for them.  Meanwhile, they are all feathered out, and they do not appear to be growing more slowly than the Cornish.  We have actually changed our butcher date to accommodate this, but I am still totally amazed.

These chickens are a lot of fun, they are active and really good at foraging.  Our Araucana pullet in the picture is the same age as the roasters.  That girl really gives me a chuckle… she looks so much like an eagle that she always surprises me in the greenhouse.  The other layers are just as pretty, and the Wyandottes blend in with the roasters well.

2 Golden Wyandottes blend in with the roasters

2 thoughts on “Chicken central”

  1. Beautiful Rangers. Which hatchery did you source them from? I am about to either get those or Dark Cornish, but we haven’t decided which.

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