She’s back!

Rhubarb mugs!

Rhubarb the goat, that is.  She had gone to live on a friend’s farm in Jefferson, a few towns over, early in the spring before she freshened.  She had two beautiful kids. one a buck and the other a doe.  Our friends have a young family and really enjoyed having her, but made the decision that milking goats was a little too confining for their lifestyle (ie, where are all the good farm sitters???).  It really is a difficult thing to get away and to be flexible when you have to be around morning and night for milking.  It’s been quite a challenge for us as well.

We really appreciated our friends calling us first when they decided to sell the goats.  I was really happy to hear that Rhubarb might be able to come back to us.  And she came back with her doeling, Baby Belle.  Now we just have to work on Rhubarb’s milkstand manners (her sister SnowPea is much more laid back)!  Whenever a goat is milked by a new person, especially in a new situation, the tendency is for them to try all their tricks.  In this case, Rhubarb is very fond of kicking the bucket.  We will have a meeting of the minds one of these days, but until then, her milk must continue to go into the plastic bucket for the pigs.  They definitely are not complaining :*)

Rhubarb and her doeling Baby Belle

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