Soaping up!

I seem to be falling off the blog wagon this past week or two.  It’s been a very busy time.  Butcher dates, and all sorts of farm things like moving sheep fencing in 98% humidity… not my favorite thing to do on a fairly steep hill!  But it got done.  The really exciting thing that happened this past week is that Pam of Hatchtown Farm and I were invited to Bridge Farm in Dresden to learn how to make soap.  Having access to goat’s milk on  a regular basis means that there is always a surplus, so I have been wanting to learn to do our own soap.  The learning curve that revolves around the handling of lye has always stopped me in the past from just playing around with the process.  So Pam and I went over for a lovely lesson, and came away with almost 7 lbs of gorgeous oatmeal lavender goat milk bars.

Bars of handmade soap, curing

Well, the bars didn’t happen until 2 days later, but the smell is heavenly and I can hardly wait to start using it!  It needs to cure for 3 more weeks, so in the meantime I admire it as I pass through our mudroom, where it sits in state on one of the big freezers :*)


2 thoughts on “Soaping up!”

  1. The soap sounds great, I bet you are enjoying the scent as it cures! My favorite shampoo is lavender mint, which has the most amazing scent.

  2. I love lavender. Someone came in the other day and commented that the mudroom smelled like his granny! Oh well, maybe I am getting old :*)

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