Animal dance

Having cleared our land and built our house means that we did not have any already existing structures for our animals.  We don’t have a brick and mortar barn, just the greenhouses, and our perimeter fencing is made up of t-posts and 52″ cattle panels (16′ long galvanized grids).  So technically everything is movable, ready to be morphed into whatever we need it to be next.

Work zone (ut oh, Nina may be wielding a sledge hammer!)

Of course, that’s always easier said than done :*)  Moving 16′ long flexible grids is something of a process, and I have the bruises to show for it!  I stick my arm all the way through one of the square openings, grab onto it down lower, and lift it onto my shoulder and drag.  I eventually get there in the end, after a lot of swearing and getting caught on tree roots and other things that jump into my path.  It always drives me crazy, however, because if I want to get one animal group into a different area, it frequently necessitates getting a different group of animals moved first.  So today I finally had the panels changed around to my liking, and I got most of the boys into the lower paddock.

Stinky holdouts!

(2 bucklings have so far eluded me, and I may need some help with them – one of them has enormous horns and knows how to use them!).  As soon as they are out of that paddock, in go the piggies.  Well, almost… first I have to run the electric inside that paddock and I don’t have a ground rod nearby.  So the final hookup can’t come until John or JD pound one into this lovely, rocky ground.  I don’t think I should take bets on how long it will take me to coordinate this!


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