Market lambs

I wasn’t really up to snuff this morning when I was getting ready for Emily the shearer to arrive.  If I decide not to deal with lamb pelts, I usually have her shear the lambs that are on their way to the butcher.  Today was a beautiful day and I used one of the tried-and-true methods of catching the lambs: putting a little grain in the feeder and then approaching them from behind, grabbing a back leg, and trying to get them backwards out of the paddock into a holding pen (or get a halter on them and then walk them out).  Hah!  I always forget how little the lambs are truly socialized!  When they are adults and have been through a whole year of handling, they mellow a little bit :*)  I caught one or two and got them into the holding pen, and by that time I was perspiring buckets, and the third ram I grabbed was not very happy at all… so I was yelling to my husband and he finally came to my rescue.  When is that grandson of mine going to be helping with those sheep???

Black lamb's fleece

Emily arrived and everything went very smoothly.  We ended up with 5 beautiful piles of lamb’s fleece which I then spent a few hours skirting to get it ready to go to the mill.  The silver saddled fleeces are always my all-time favorites, but the white is beautiful and lustrous as well, although a little bit dirtier than the colored fleeces.

White lamb's fleece

I want to combine one of these batches with something else, possibly some alpaca.  It will be gorgeous!  So I never got any pictures of Emily shearing, but I do have some photos of the lovely fleeces.  Next time maybe I will be more prepared!


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