Autumn has arrived

I have been feeling so scattered and pressured this beginning of the schoolyear that I have neglected to post since Labor Day Weekend.  Not for want of trying, but nothing has come together!  Every year I feel older when the start of the school year comes around and I find it more difficult to re-attune myself to this schedule.  Another thing that kept me from even thinking about taking the time out to blog is that our older son, Sam, came up for a visit and stayed a whole week!  It was a wonderful visit, I wish we lived closer to do that more often.  While he was here we had the usual lobster extravaganza.  I don’t remember eating much for dinner that night  :*/

Sam is bonding with dinner

What we did another evening, however, was to put together a huge pan of eggplant parm.  Sam loves to cook and it is always more fun to do something like that with some help.  So John had an off -night and we are even, I guess!  (I don’t eat lobster and he doesn’t eat eggplant parm).

Eggplant just out of the oven

So it has been quite a month.  September has come and gone in a blink, and today is feeling like a real autumn day.  I am looking forward to next weekend when our friend Bruce from NJ is coming up for a visit.


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