More autumn fun

Even though we tried growing one of the famous Damariscotta giant pumpkins, we have not succeeded.  In an almost perfect gardening year, we have produced a big zero.  Admittedly, our lives are quite hectic with the sheep and the goats, plus regular jobs and the grandson.  The summer heat hit my asthma and eczema hard, and I did not enjoy it the way I wished I could.  So when it came to a pumpkin for the fall holidays we had to call on the backup plan:  buy one!  (My father in law grew a pumpkin that was about 100 pounds when our older son was about 3 and we kept that baby in the house for almost a year before it started to get soft.  We have to keep our end up here!)  So we are feeling as though we need to have one for our grandboy’s first real Halloween.  I must say that I think it made some kind of impression:

Grandchild and pumpkin

The picture is a little fuzzy as this 18 month old insisted on constant movement!


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