Giant pumpkins

The Damariscotta Pumpkin Fest weekend is here.  This past week I drove by Pinkham’s Plantation and their parking lot had turned into a sea of giant sized pumpkins, all shapes, colors and sizes.  (If I were a good blogger, I would carry my camera around with me and take photos, but I am not.  One of these days, perhaps.)  Most of the pumpkins have been sent around to area businesses so that they can carve and paint them and keep them on display.  Cool pumpkin art.  But the biggest draw of the festival will be held tomorrow: the Pumpkin Regatta!  Farmers are working long hours today to finish the building of their pumpkin boats, to be motored on the Damariscotta River tomorrow in a race.  It is a real hoot!

Here at Ruit Farm we have been growing our own pumpkins.

Vine takes over the compost pile!

We bought our pumpkin seedling in the spring just at the right moment, brought it home, and that was it.  For the most part.  I don’t know when we caught up with ourselves, but somewhere around July John decided to just pop it into one of our huge compost piles and see what it would do.  It has almost taken over the driveway where we pull in to feed the animals.  Lots of wonderful pumpkin flowers, but alas, this is our progeny:

Baby pumpkin

one 8″ yellow fruit, not even old enough to be a respectable orange!  Alas, we will not be competing in the Regatta tomorrow.  I am so glad that our friend Patty gave us a pumpkin that we can actually carve and enjoy!

Carve-able squash!



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