That time of year

October is in full swing,  Columbus Day Weekend is here and we have some beautiful weather.  It’s windy and a bit chilly, but the sun is finally out and the leaves are colorful and bright.

Piggies pause in their play to see what I am up to

We are coming down the homestretch with the piggles; they go to the butcher next Saturday.  So far I have to say that they have probably been our favorite pigs of all time.  Very funny, cute and playful.  By the time some of our other pigs got to this age (approx. 6 mos.) they were getting almost lazy and much less fun to be around.  Ah well, it’s that time of year for sure!

If the rain stops long enough for the ewes to dry out a little I need to get their sheep coats on and get the ram in with them tomorrow or Monday.  Breeding time is upon us and I don’t want to run the risk of late lambs, so I am anxious to get going on this.  The weather this past week has been very rainy, and the ewes are in the pasture… but on the bright side, their fleeces will be extra clean when I get them coated!

We also said goodbye to one of  our bucklings this past week.  Beltie Boy went to live with Elf and Zelda over at Bridge Farm.  Hopefully the two girls are keeping him busy and they are getting down to the business of breeding!  It’s definitely that time of year.

Beltie Boy says goodbye!

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